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Ficathon FIC: My Sweetest Nagini by Rakina

Author: rakina
Title: My Sweetest Nagini
Pairing: Voldemort/Nagini
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Bestiality of a rather slithery kind.
Summary: Contrary to belief, Lord Voldemort does feel the gentler emotions. It is just that no human ever sees it.
Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter, its characters and settings are the copyrighted works of J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., her publishing companies and affiliates. No profit was made from the writing of this story.
Author's notes: Complete, all dialogue is in Parseltongue.

Written for Prompt #99:
How Voldemort acquired Nagini - has she been with his during the first war or only after he lost his power? What breed is she? Some details on their interaction would be lovely! (suggested by mieronna)

My Sweetest Nagini
By Rakina

He slipped the silk dressing gown around his smooth, hairless body. The slide of fabric over skin was one of those exquisite feelings that he chased with a hunger that drove his every move now he was incarnate. When your body was hairless the silk could run along the arms, cling to the torso, slide over the thighs far more sensually than it could for those still burdened with hair.

Tom slid his hands along the silk, following the slim, elegant lines of his body. Not a spare ounce of flesh, no wrinkles or softness of flab, just firm, hard muscles and strong bones covered by smooth, taut skin. He hated the feeling of softness in flesh, remembering the awful sensations whenever his fingers had pressed into tender bodies. Like when he gripped Wormtail. There weren't many occasions when he'd had to touch his servant, but when it was necessary the feel of the man was utterly repulsive. Wormtail's alter ego was the rat, one of the snake's classic prey items. Tom always had to battle to hold back his serpentine instincts which longed to swallow the rat whole, to remove Wormtail's unpleasant presence from the surface of the Earth, to cleanse it even as he nourished himself. But Wormtail remained useful, and so he was allowed to live.

Tom left his bathroom and entered his bedroom. Half the upper storey of the Riddle Mansion was taken up by his and Nagini's quarters, the rest held guest bedrooms. There weren't many guests. Few earned the right to stay at the home of Lord Voldemort. Those that did kept their masks on during their stay, unless he gave them permission to remove them. The flat, white masks covered their knobbly faces, concealing their jutting noses and the unpleasant, dirty stubble of facial hair. The masks made their faces bearable. Tom made allowances for the favoured few – for Lucius, whose blondeness made his hair almost invisible, like spider silk; for Severus, whose sallow complexion glowed like snakeskin, whose hair dripped like snake oil, and who had learned to keep his beard shaved close and his body hair removed. Those close to him had learned what he liked and had taken steps to please him; it was partly why he preferred them from the ignorant drones too stupid to work it out.

Tom's bedroom was dominated by the vast bed. And there in the heart of the silk coverlet she was lying, curled up peacefully as she waited for him patiently. Tom sighed in pleasure as he looked at her sleek, hairless body – the gleam of her shining skin, each scale softly reflecting the light along her wondrous length. So beautiful… his Nagini.

Only with his Nagini could Tom forget the trials and ambitions that haunted his every waking hour. Only in her embrace could he truly be at rest. Only she could satisfy his body; all others were repulsive, men and women alike with their hairy, smelly bodies that repelled him; their pointed faces, soft, pudgy flesh; the harsh sounds of their loud, endless prattle…

Tom walked over to the bed, his gliding walk like the smooth slide of a snake. How Tom admired their movements, their elegant lifestyle with its lack of waste: eat – sleep – strike – kill. And when you'd done all that, and if you'd done it long enough and well enough, you could mate. Tom smiled. He'd done it well enough tonight. Another Order member dead meant he could claim his reward. And Nagini would give it to him; Nagini never turned him away.

Tom shed his dressing gown, draping it over a chair. He climbed onto the bed, moving to pick up the pear-shaped, dark red, glass bottle that was kept on the side table.

"I have our oil, my sweet," he crooned.

Nagini's head lifted and her bright, black eyes fixed on Tom. "So good, my master," she agreed, slackening her coils to stretch out beside him.

"All is well," Tom told her as he unstoppered the light oil Severus brewed for him. It had a fragrance appealing to Nagini and himself, a little like the heated grass of the savannahs of South Africa where he had first met her. It was a fine oil and not sticky at all, sliding beautifully over his fingers and her scales. Tom poured some onto his long, white fingers and stroked from Nagini's flat, coffin-shaped head downwards. "All is well, and tonight we will lay together, my dearest one."

Nagini's tongue came out, flickering in pleasure at the familiar scent of their oil.

"Your skin is sleek, my dear one," Tom crooned.

"Severus is good to us, my master; sometimes I feel the snake within him. His oil is the best there could ever be. My scales are fine, finer even than they were when I lay in my nest in Africa. The oil stops the ancient dust of this place from working between my scales, and your fingers give me the greatest pleasure when you apply it." Nagini's head tilted back a little, her large, black eyes glittered into Tom's avid gaze.

"It was hot and dry in your homeland, my sweetest. There must have been dust there."

"The dust here is different, it sticks to my skin. There was heat and dust in Africa, but my nest in the base of the baobab tree was a haven from that dryness. There was moisture there. I lived there for ten summers before you came."

"I did not know you were so long there, waiting for me."

"I had a companion in my youth. He was a fast male – for are we not the fastest of all the snakes in the world? He was quick to strike and bold. But he cared for me and we dwelt side by side. Until one day he did not come back from his hunting. Then the days were too quiet, the nest too empty. I wished for his return; I cried out to sweet Wadjet, the goddess of serpents."

Tom's hands eased around Nagini's muscular length. He pressed and massaged the oil from his fingertips onto her body, sliding sweetly over her scales in a sleek glide that no human body could grant him.

"And then she answered me," Nagini said.

"Yes. I came to you," Tom agreed. "I felt you in the midst of the vast, hostile desert that surrounded my soul; I found you, my sweetest one. I had fled my homeland, my soul torn from my body and driven out by violence. My spirit wandered and I hardly knew where it went. I only knew that it was mile after endless mile of despair. Sometimes I found one of your kin, and they were able to hold me a while. But none of those little snakes lasted for long; they were weak and could not stand my presence. Sometimes I found other forms of life I could enter, but it hurt me to be inside those creatures and soon it killed them. It was only the snake-kind that I could bear to be part of for any time at all. And it was only you who could carry me for long enough to make me stronger."

"When I heard your voice whispering to me across the grassland, my master, I knew my lonely time was ended." Nagini rubbed her flat head up Tom's chest, slipping around the back of his neck and nestling under his chin. Her tongue flicked out and caressed the hollow at the base of his throat, tasting her master's arousal in the scent of his skin. "My kind are hated. Men fear us, and shoot us with guns if we are glimpsed. Mamba, they call us."

"You are magnificent, my dear one. Muggles are pitiful!" he spat. "They fear all that speaks to them of greater power than their own. All the earth's magnificent creatures fall to their irrational fears. The wolves, the bears, the whales; all gone, or nearly so." Tom inhaled as he scented the special smell his dear one gave off when she was ready for pleasure. The smell drove him wild, his heart sped up, his sleek cock throbbed hotter and harder than ever.

Nagini shuddered eloquently in her master's arms. Tom gasped in pleasure as the undulations of her magnificent, muscular length pressed against him. He squirmed in reaction, hips dragging against her thick mid-section.

"So special, my Nagini," Tom whispered, his delighted, sibilant hissing would have been enough to make the sentiment understandable even to those who did not speak the serpents' tongue; his hands stroked in frenzied delight across her shiny, smooth skin. "You were the only one clever enough to hold me, the only one I could become part of, who could join with me so completely for so long."

Nagini hissed her pleasure back to him, undulating beneath his stroking hands, pressing against his hard, muscular body which gave her so much pleasure. "You changed me, my master. When you lived inside me, you changed me. I grew big, much bigger than the females of my kind normally grow. And I grew stronger and quicker even than my long-lost mate. Only with you could I become what I am now. Sooo good."

Tom's body pressed back against Nagini, satisfying her urgings. His hard shaft rubbed along her belly. Neither of their bodies felt like those of the rutting, hairy beasts most humans became in bed; there was no disgusting growth of hair around their genitals, no yielding flesh. Tom and his snake were hairless and firm, sleek and slippery. He rode her undulations as he sought her cleft. But did not find it, yet.

"We dwelt there in peace, we grew together, Nagini. And then, when the time was right, he came to us."

"He was a poor specimen. I had grown used to you, my master. I did not believe he could be magical, for he reminded me more of the Muggles who hunt our kind."

"Yes. But he was good enough to serve our purpose. He brought me home, to England, to the land I will rule, very soon." Tom's hips humped against his Nagini's belly. The slippery friction was good, so good, but better could still be found in the secrecy of her serpent body. "And when my servants returned, and things started to be mended, I sought out suitable sacrifices for our ceremonies." Tom rutted and sought the opening that only he would know, for only he could enter his new Nagini, his long and beautiful, muscular girl.

"My master, you pleasure me," Nagini hissed, trembling from the top of her head to the remote tip of her lithe tail. "Oh, but you are hard, my master. So hard."

"Only you can give me this pleasure, only you can make me so hard. You, my sweet one, are the only creature on this earth that I wish to touch. Those who surround me, those who serve me, they are all filthy; their bodies are hairy and foul. They stink of sweat, not the sweet pheromones you release into my nostrils. Only you, my dearest," Tom cried as he rutted, "only you are my fitting companion, my lover, and my wife!"

Tom remembered their ceremony, that none but he himself had been fit to perform, for no wizard ranked above him and so who was able to declare them married? Tom had bound himself, gladly, to his sweetest Nagini. And in their secret celebration, in a consummation more complete than any mere bodily union, he had turned his dearest one into a permanent receptacle for part of his soul. Tom had immobilised a captured Auror. Nagini had reared up to strike, her head level with the wizard's, and she had taken his life with one quick, deep bite, and then together they had performed the second ceremony that made them closer than any other couple.

Tom rubbed against his wife, seeking with yearning thrusts of his hardened cock until he found it – with a cry of delight he lined up with her cleft. Like all of his wife's body it was scaly, but warm and muscular and it felt so right. Tom slid inside, his length surrounded by the warmth and moisture of Nagini's body. Only with Nagini was he ever thus disarmed. It was a paradox and he knew it, for it was only when he was being the male snake to his Nagini that Tom could begin to feel like a human husband. The wash of sweet emotion always felt so alien in his mind – a mind used only to flatness when it wasn't spiked with rage – that he almost lost consciousness.

Nagini accepted him inside, deep inside. His hardness pressed and prodded, and her cleft spasmed around it. She arched back her head and her mouth gaped, revealing its black interior that gave her kind its name, and they came, as one. Tom's spirit slipped inside her as his body had done, and for the time their orgasms engulfed them, they were truly one.

Afterwards, as they lay coiled together, the silky sheets bright with oil, Tom looked at his Nagini again. She meant so much to him. Wife, lover, familiar, companion. Horcrux.


Nagini is a Black Mamba, the largest and fastest of the venomous snakes. Over her years with Voldemort she has grown magically and changed into an even larger, more dangerous creature. Further information about her origins here: http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/black_mamba.htm
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