Miri (mieronna) wrote in riddle_gifts,

Ficathon ART: Calling the Spirits by Fairylein

And off we go!

Artist: fairylein
Title: Calling the Spirits
Pairing: Tom/OC
Rating: R, NWS (for bare chest and blood)
Warnings: nudity, disturbing theme
Summary: Tom travels around the world to study the Dark Arts. His way leads him to Haiti where he practices Vodou...I think he's quite enjoying himself ^^
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and neither Tom Riddle though I'd like to. :D But the Haitian woman is mine.
Artist's notes: The symbol on Tom's head is the veve of Legba, the most important spirit in Haitian Vodou.

Drawn for prompt #94:
Tom or Voldemort (Tomort?) on one of his journeys to learn Dark Arts in some far of country. (suggested by manicr)

Tags: 2007_ficathon_art

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