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Riddle Gifts

riddle_mod in riddle_gifts

FICATHON: ART "Untitled" by loony_lucifer (Tom, Harry, Ron; R)

Title: Untitled
Artist: loony_lucifer
Prompt Numbers: 116. Voldemort captures Ron and tortures/kills him in front of Harry. (prompt suggested by kittehkat)
Characters: Tom, Harry, Ron
Rating: R
Warnings: Torture
Summary: none given
Disclaimer: I pirate characters.
Artist's Notes: none given


Oh, thank god. I was going a bit crazy waiting for the dark stuff.

This is quite upsetting but beautifully rendered. I absolutely love it.
Wow. Very powerful and unsettling. Gave me chills.

Beautifully done. :)
Ooh, this is fantastic! The expressions, the sense of motion and struggle, Ron's pain and anguish, Ron's hands, Harry, Tom. A disturbing and really powerful scene. I love the darkness of it. And it's so beautifully drawn, too. :-)
I have only one thing to say to this:



::ded from awesome::
So awesome. Love those dynamic fabric folds and how pretty Tom is. Oh, and the dark subject matter is fabulous.
wow this is a beautiful piece
I love Ron's expression, the pain and agony is perfect.
I'm intrigued by the Voldemort/Harry dynamic as it seems like there is some form of relationship between the two of them.
excellent work!
Wow, while the subject matter is absolutely horrifying, I have to agree that the artwork is stunning. Harry's face is a picture of heartache, but Ron's agony is palpable. Oh, and Harry's eyes are gorgeous.
Oh, my GOD, I love your artwork. I'm not sure I had discovered it before this! *friends you* I love Harry struggling with Riddle, and the dreadful curse spiralling over Ron, and Riddle's face, and they way we don't quite know what's going through Harry's head; is he doing all he can to prevent Riddle, or is he hearing Riddle say, "Sacrifices must be made, Harry,"?