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Riddle Gifts

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EXCHANGE: Art for Korekan "The Rise of Lord Riddle" (Tom/Harry, Lucius, Bellatrix, PG)

Recipient: korekan
Author/Artist: loony_lucifer
Title: The Rise of Lord Riddle
Pairing: Tom/Harry, young Tom, Lucius and Bellatrix
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Little Riddle grows up, gains loyal followers, and captures the cursed Potter boy.
Disclaimer: I make no profit.
Author's/artist's notes: They go sort of like a series, through Tom's life. Hope you like!


Wow, these are all stunning!! Amazing job.
Ooh, I love your style! And the colours! These are beautiful. :-)
Very beautiful. The first one just radiates evil. He appears so commanding in the second one, and the third just makes me want to see what happens next!
shdhagjydhsfgadsfhgsjfkjhkjgfd!!!11 That last picture?!?! HOLY FUCK!! The arm restraints... man... I just... *fans self* This is amazingly hot, and yet so simple and "innocent". Not a hint of flesh or anything sexual, but still so evocative. I love it. :D

Edited at 2008-07-25 11:56 pm (UTC)
Wow. These are amazing. ♥
nice job conveying the dark power Tom is building. In the middle one, the strength conveyed by the poses, lighting is amazing. They all scare me.

that's a good thing! :D
Thank you, invisible artist!♥

I feel mistery from the firts one. It´s like to see Riddle getting old.
The second is Voldemort's routine.=D

oh, ooh.. And you did him in muggle clothes!♥
I love him in muggle clothes!!! ♥♥♥

[I do not know if I feel sorry for Harry or not...] ;)

These are all incredibly beautiful, but that middle one? It owns my soul. Tom simply radiates power in all of them, simply amazing work. The colours, the shadows, everything is just perfect. Thank you for...just being awesome.
God, that's lovely.
Made me shiver :) in a VERY good way -- I haven't seen anything like this for ages /// Thanks!
Beautifully drawn. I love your style.
Wouldn't it have been so much more fun if JK could have made him beautiful in his reincarnation? instead of snakey? Of course, that would break her stereotypes, and we can't have that. These are rather beautiful! The last one makes me go all gagadrool.

Wow, good job! These drawings are amazing<3
these are absolutely beautiful! Really wonderful job, I haven't seen any really good HP art in a while. Thanks for posting.
Absolutely lovely. I love you're writing and I love your artwork. Is there anything you can't do?
The last one reminds me of this one-shot where Harry has a gun and he's in a chair exactly like that and Voldemort ends up shooting him xD

I love HP/LV. You did a brill.
I cannot tell you how much I love these. I'm really not sure who this artist is! But I adore your beautiful style, with Riddle so alluring, and Harry doubly so (Harry's sweet little nose and mouth!)! Lucius is excellent and I don't think I've ever seen a Bellatrix who captured my attention in fanart so much, with her thick sensual lips. I can't wait to see who this is; meanwhile I'm going to be staring at this sequence for DAYS. &hearts
wow these are amazing! I love the angle of the middle one and the sliver of Harry's skin in the last one
Holy fuckamoly that is gorgeous! I want a fic to go with this. The art is...is...spectacular. Well, well done.
*Sops up drool*

Is this based on some story I should be reading?

Just curious...
Not sure how I got here, but I'm ever so glad that I did. These are just gorgeous! Tom's hand on Harry looks like a lover's caress. Perhaps Harry can anchor what sanity he has, as well as help him find a bit more.

Thank you for sharing these. They are a treat for the eyes.