Miri (mieronna) wrote in riddle_gifts,

Exchange ART for Fleshdress: The annunciation.

Recipient: fleshdress
Artist: mneomosyne
Title: The annunciation.
Pairing: Voldemort/Bellatrix
Rating: G
Warnings: nothing squicky
Summary: Voldemort welcomes her back and names her his servant.
Disclaimer: The characters are owned by J.K. Rowling, I make no profit of his and I certainly don't own them.
Artist's notes: I used the icons of Fleshdress to get the general atmosphere of these drawings and the works by the brothers Van Eyck for inspiration.
The two drawings are meant to be seen as a diptych: two paintings which can be closed together. When opening the paintings Voldemort's wand points directly at Bellatrix, who holds her mask defensively in front of her. I tried to make Bellatrix look human, someone who has suffered from those years in Azkaban, someone who has gone mad but still has enough sense to know it.
The seduction by the Dark Lord isn't a promise of wealth or immortality, he promises her to let her be the insane sadist she is.

Link to The annunciation.
Tags: 2007_exchange_art

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