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Exchange FIC for all participants: All We Need Now Is a Hero

Recipient: All riddle_gifts participants
Author: annephoenix
Title: All We Need Now Is a Hero
Pairings: Voldemort/Ginny, Harry, Snape
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: non-con, torture, character death
Summary: The destruction of the Dark Lord comes at a heavy price.
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's note: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers – you know who you are!


All We Need Now If a Hero

Severus Snape felt old and dirty.

Old for the long and tiring years spent in the Dark Lord's service.

Dirty for his attendance at the defilation of the youngest Weasley.

She wasn't a pretty girl, but she was a fiery one, a fighter. Watching his Lord playing with her reminded Severus of why he'd joined the Death Eaters in the first place: lust and desire and a desperate need to annihilate all innocence. He'd fought hard to quash his needs, but he couldn't deny them in the face of this spectacle. Already his cock was hard, aching just at the thought of what was about to come.

Ginevra Weasley – Ginny – had been brought to the fortress after an opportunistic kidnapping several days ago. She represented the ultimate bargaining tool: Potter's girlfriend ... Potter's downfall. She screamed shrilly as her young body arched and twisted away from the Dark Lord's Cruciatus Curse. Minutes turned into hours, and Severus wished he had the willpower to feel disgusted rather than drawn.

He closed his eyes and imagined away her blotchy red face and unsightly freckles, replacing them in his mind with long-buried memories of pale beauty framed by white-gold hair. He clutched onto this vision until a single shriek of horror, rather than pain, told him the Dark Lord's game had just been escalated. Severus opened his eyes again to find the girl hanging in her restraints, panting like an animal. Her arms were stretched high above her head, small wrists enclosed in heavy shackles. Her freckles seemed to move as her skin quivered with the aftershock of pain and her breasts bounced gently as she gasped to catch her breath. The Dark Lord stood naked in front of her, stroking his long, thin cock with skeletal fingers, his pale skin graced with a rare flush. It made a compelling spectacle: the virgin sacrifice stretched out for her Lord to plunder. All around, Severus' fellow Death Eaters watched intently, as though their release depended on that of their Lord.

Severus reluctantly let go of his fantasy. There was no denying where he was. No way to escape the subdued whimpering of their victim. Her eyes flitted around the room, as though desperate to find an ally and Severus was grateful for the mask that protected his anonymity. It wouldn't do for the girl to give him away. Not when things were finally going to plan.

A sob escaped Ginny's lips, and she yanked at her restraints, shrinking back in fear as the Dark Lord took a step toward her. "Don't touch me," she hissed.

Her voice was surprisingly strong for one so weak. Several Death Eaters laughed, and Severus hated himself with renewed vigour for feeling so desperately aroused by her helplessness. The Dark Lord ignored her plea and took another step closer to his victim. "Don't touch me," she said again, but he did touch her, and Severus felt a jolt of desire in his lower belly that filled his entire being with want.

He watched his Lord's hands carefully, holding his breath as they outlined the smooth curve of her breasts and toyed with her nipples. Ginny seemed to have frozen, her breaths coming in ragged gasps and her eyelids tightly sealed as though not seeing her rapist might make it easier or better. As if anything could.

Severus resisted the urge to slip a hand into his robes and pursue his own release. He didn't deserve such a thing; not at the expense of one of his students. Former student. He closed his eyes again, allowing his mind to travel once more to more pleasant memories, where the boundaries between pain and pleasure had faded and disappeared. He listened to the Dark Lord releasing the girl's shackles and then lowering her onto the dais ... but he saw himself with her. Ginny's cries of distress became hercries of need. Ginny's struggles became part of the game, of the act. She craved the pain, she craved his touch. Her memory would always be there to save Severus from the temptation of darker pursuits, reminding him that rape was not the only way to release his darkest desires, that willing partners existed, that—

Severus' orgasm ripped through him, leaving him light-headed and disoriented. He heard the Dark Lord's cry of release, and around him the stench of sex filled the air. Ginny sobbed, despoiled and forgotten on the dais, and Severus ached with disappointment at his own weakness.

"Let her go!"


And half a dozen red-cloaked Aurors.

Severus moved like lightning. He felt acutely aware of his sticky robes, but he hurried over to Ginny to cast a protection charm, throwing his Death Eater mask to the floor at the same time. It wouldn't do to be mistaken for the enemy in this battle: around him, jinxes flew though the air, some hitting flesh, others exploding against the stone walls of the fortress. Suddenly a blinding burst of bright blue magic filled the room. It was not hard to find its origin: the Dark Lord had erected a duelling barrier around himself and Potter, but if Potter was surprised to be fighting against a stark naked Dark Lord, he did not appear to let that distract him from his task. The curses came fast and steady, each man determined to slay the other.

Potter showed remarkable magical prowess for his age, but he was clearly tiring under the constant onslaught of the Dark Lord's power. Death Eaters and Aurors alike seemed to have stilled their fight in favour of watching the tremendous duel behind the magical barrier – no one could intervene or help. Only watch. Watch as the Dark Lord showed off his superior power and backed Potter up against the barrier. Watch as Potter fought back, leaping forwards with a shower of nasty curses and gaining a little ground again. Watch as—

Severus tensed as Potter suddenly stumbled and fell on his back. For a moment it looked as though the duel was about to end, but then Potter unexpectedly rolled to one side, avoiding by mere millimetres the green curse destined to end his life. He scrambled away, sweat pouring down his face, while the Dark Lord stood tall above him, powerful and triumphant.

"Come, Harry, must we play this game every time? Why don't you stand up and face me like a man—"

The Dark Lord's words were cut short as Potter suddenly launched himself off the floor and onto his enemy, knocking them both down. The Dark Lord's wand flew from his grip and they both grappled at each other like Muggles. Severus knew Potter only had one second to act, for the Dark Lord was gathering the concentration required to cast wandless magic. Potter must have known it too: seemingly out of nowhere he produced a dagger and, with a wild swing of his arm, he stabbed it into the Dark Lord's left eye. Potter threw his weight behind the attack, ignoring the blood that spurted up into his face and coated his hands and arms. He let go only when the duelling barriers fell, testifying that their creator was dead.

It was as though the Death Eaters lost the will to fight with the death of their master. Severus observed with boyish elation as the Aurors rounded his colleagues up. They spared him only a glance, having learnt from Dumbledore's portrait of Severus' true allegiances. Severus smiled to himself – it was over. It was finally over. Whether he deserved it or not, he was alive and unharmed. He looked to where Potter was tending to his girlfriend and was surprised to find that where she should have shown relief, the girl appeared positively malicious. Potter stared at her, puzzled, wide-eyed.

As he started toward them, Severus' gut clenched. Ginny's eyes had just flashed red. He picked up his step, the world around him seeming to move in slow motion.

"Stay away from her, Potter!" he yelled, readying his wand.

"No, don't you hurt her!" Potter screamed back. Ginny jumped to her feet and rushed to Potter's side, pressing her naked body against her boyfriend. "Why does he want to hurt me?" she whimpered, clutching at Potter's arm.

Potter seemed to hesitate for a second before pointing his wand directly at Severus' heart. "You're not touching her."

Severus felt his gut clench tighter. "Potter, listen to me. There's something not right with her."


Without warning, Severus sent a sleeping charm toward the pair, but Ginny dissipated it with a single wave of her hand. She smiled sweetly. "It's me, Harry. Don't listen to that greasy git."

She loosened her grip on Potter and smoothed out his rumpled robe, caressing his chest at the same time. Potter seemed to be leaning into her, as though her needed her touch to reassure him. A wave of despair threatened to overwhelm Severus.

"Potter," he tried again, "He's inside her. The Dark Lord. She's a Horcr—"

His mouth continued moving but no sound came out. She had silenced him. But there was hope: Potter was looking hesitant again. Unexpectedly, he pushed the girl away from him and glared at her. "Where did you learn all this silent and wandless magic?"

Ginny's irises darkened to an angry crimson. Potter couldn't deny it now. And he wasn't going to. His wand aim swung around, now pointing straight at his former girlfriend. "Is he telling the truth?" Potter jerked his chin towards Severus, his face suddenly filled with fear. "IS HE?"

Ginny cackled.

It was unlike any sound Severus had ever heard. It was high-pitched and cold and cruel. It filled him with terror and desolation, as though all they had achieved was for nothing. But it wasn't. It couldn't be. Not while the Dark Lord was inside a mortal body. With a grunt, Severus threw himself onto the girl, knocking her flat onto her back. His hands tightened around her throat, but the cackling only increased. Severus knew he wouldn't be able to hold on for long; his insides felt like they were tearing themselves up at the horrible sound of triumph that emanated from this being.

In the corner of his vision, he could see Potter standing nearby, watching helplessly. Sweat – or was it tears? – trailed down his face, mingling with the Dark Lord's blood. But he didn't make a move to stop Severus' attack. That was all the encouragement Severus needed: with a roar, he tried to dig his fingers deeper into Ginny's throat to cut off her air and finally stop that horrendous cackling. Instead, he found himself flying backwards and landing with a painful crunch beside the Dark Lord's desiccated corpse.

With sudden realisation, Severus yanked Potter's dagger out of the Dark Lord's skull. It wrenched free with a pop, and he was able to raise it just in time to meet the figure flying at him. Ginevra Weasley, possessed by the last fragment of the Dark Lord's soul, impaled herself on the dagger and fell lifelessly to the floor.

Severus slumped back, ignoring Potter's anguished howl, ignoring the aches and pains that coursed through his body. He felt cold from the sticky blood that was soaking through his robes from the floor. And he still felt old and he still felt dirty, but he also felt accomplished. The Dark Lord would not be returning.

The End

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