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Exchange FIC for all participants: Never Ending Challenge

Recipient: All riddle_gifts participants!
Author. britty
Title: Never Ending Challenge
Pairing: Tom/Ginny
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, mindfuck
Summary: How do you break someone who never seems to lose the will to fight?
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this story. All belongs to the wonderful J.K Rowling.
Author's notes: I’ve really never written something like this before. It was fun to write, hope you like it! Also huge thanks to the beta’s. Huge. Thank you guys so much for dealing with me.

You can't help but feel somewhat lucky when you’ve looked down into green eyes that still present a challenge. All the others before her had died off quickly, giving up within a matter of minutes. You have pushed the redhead to no end, testing her limits, wanting her to break.

It amused you time after time that she still fought back. She held her head up high and stared into your eyes, showing no signs of fear.

What joy it brought you to have learned of a way to move forward in time. Very few wizards have been able to accomplish what you have done at your age. You promised yourself that you wouldn’t mess with the future, but you were so curious that you could not help but spy on what was going on in the wizarding world years later.

There was a moment when you regretted moving forward in time, but looking at your prize you were glad things turned out the way they are. You knew that after all the hard work you put into making a name for yourself in the current time you deserved this. You deserved to have this girl.


Ginny Weasley was her name. She had fiery red hair and eyes that held a certain spark to them. At the time, she looked to be around seventeen years, maybe older. Only a couple of years short of your own age. You have seen other girls that are physically better looking than her, but that is not what captured you about her. Her persistence and the will to fight back is what interests you the most in her.

You said her name softly against her ear, suppressing a laugh as she growled in annoyance. She tried to push you away using her body, unable to use her hands or feet as the result of being tied up. You pressed her against the wall, making her unable to move as you traced her jaw line softly with cold fingertips.

A laugh escaped you this time, a laugh containing no warmth. You loved the sound of her voice, the way she cursed at you and her empty threats. It was the struggle that made this whole little game appealing to you. A sudden flash of pain wiped the smirk off your face as a bite mark appeared on your skin. Stepping back a few steps, you raised your wand and cast Crucio on her until you were satisfied by her screams and shouts of pain.

You wondered when she would break, when she would fall and finally give into her fate. But like a true fighter, after the hex is was lifted, she glared and spat at your feet. You left the room feeling a bit better, knowing that, despite everything you had put her through, she still fought back. It was an interesting challenge, and one you accepted gladly. It would only take some time.


You expected her to have broken by now. Spring turned into summer and the days are longer. One would have figured for the girl to have lost her mind from being locked away for such a long time, her only contact being you. You made sure, through everything, that she has stayed somewhat physically healthy. You didn’t want her to die slowly. You just wanted to break her mind and soul and would not be satisfied until it was accomplished.

You looked at yourself in the mirror and quickly fixed your hair and straightened out your robes. There was still a mark from when she had dared to bite you months ago. You could easily have healed it and erased the soft scar, but you left it, loving the way it looked on your body.

After being satisfied with how you looked, you left your room and made your way down the long hallway leading to the stairwell.

Your mind has processed so many different thoughts, wondering which method would be the most entertaining for you today. You’ve noticed she hated the way you said her name softly, and how you touched her exposed skin. You loved the way she shuddered against the chains and then proceeded to call you a monster, along with other harsh words trying to save face.

There was hardly any sound as you made your way down a long set of stairs leading to a bunch of dark rooms. You unlocked the last door to your right and stepped in, hissing slightly to obtain her attention. Her head snapped up and those eyes glared at you with a multitude of hatred and disgust.

She still had plenty of will to fight back at this point.

You slowly advanced towards her, but before you knew it the room was suddenly black and the sounds of many voices filled the room. You began to panic. Quickly, you used the time turner you’d kept around your neck and spun it, in order to save yourself. Your world turned black and all is lost as you slipped into another time.


When you woke up your head was filled with so many thoughts and concerns, trying to process what had just happened. You looked around the room, trying to understand where you were and if there were any threats around.

After checking your new surroundings, you came to the conclusion it was just an empty house. You had returned to the time in which you began messing around with trips to the future.

Making yourself comfortable on the sofa in the living room, you began to record everything that you remembered about her. The way she kept fighting no matter what happened. The fire in her eyes and the words she used against you. Every little detail is was put down in writing.

Because one day you two will cross paths again; you knew this. And when it happens, you wanted to be ready to break her.
Tags: 2007_exchange_fic

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