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Ficathon FIC: The Magical Way of Life, Writ Large by Eaivalefay

Author: eaivalefay
Title: The Magical Way of Life, Writ Large.
Pairing(s): Voldmort/Harry
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Possibly filled with a little crack. Okay, definitely.
Summary: Harry and Voldemort are magically thrown together as they get sent from one time to another. Will they ever end up back where they started and finally be rid of each other?
Disclaimer: This is based on characters and situations owned by J.K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Huge hugs and thank-yous and milkshakes to my beta, pixystick, who managed to help me out in more ways than I can count.

Written for prompt #81:
Riddle-Voldemort takes a dose of Felix Felicis. Gen, slash, or het. (suggested by mctabby)

and #148:
Something goes terribly wrong at the final battle, and Voldemort and Harry are both hurled into a Quantum Leap-like state. They hop around recent wizard history trying to change events so they can break the curse... only they can't agree on which way things should be changed. Voldemort/Harry (while wearing other characters' bodies), with a slow-building relationship. (suggested by nimori)

Link to The Magical Way of Life, Writ Large.

Tags: 2007_ficathon_fic

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