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Ficathon FIC: Change in Curriculum by SiennaLyaMalor

Author: siennalyamalor / Aurora Matsuei
Title: Change in Curriculum
Pairing: Voldemort/Harry
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU post-OOTP, Sirius forced Bellatrix through the Veil instead, past abuse, language
Summary: The Dark Lord never expected his enemy to fall into his hands quite so easily. Then again, he didn’t expect Dumbledore to let his precious Golden Boy be hurt under his supervision.
Disclaimer: It all belongs to J.K. Rowling. None of them are mine.
Author's notes: This would be attempt 3 at a LV/HP fic and attempt 2 at a ficathon.

Written for prompt #33:
Voldemort manages to catch Harry. Instead of killing Harry, Voldemort offers Harry the chance to learn from him. Harry accepts. (AU, obviously) (suggested by sapphiretragedy)

The Dark Lord smirked from the wall he leaned against in London as he watched the bane of his existence stumble along, using the walls of the alley to keep him upright. He pushed off and sauntered across the street towards the Boy-Who-Lived. He looked at the ragged figure in front of him, watching the boy shiver and gasp.
“Hello Harry.”
The 16-year-old looked up and didn’t even flinch. He just looked resigned.
“I’d have thought you knew better than to leave yourself open like this.”
“Look, if you’re going to kill me do it, otherwise bugger off.”

Harry pulled himself up the wall and leaned fully on it, chest heaving, and Voldemort finally saw why Harry had been swaying. There was blood on his hands and the ground, jagged tears through his shirt. Rage boiled inside him. He was the only one allowed to hurt the boy unless he dictated differently.
The teenager smirked at him before grimacing, falling to one knee and coughing.
The older wizard’s rage weakened at the blood on his nemesis’ lips.
The boy managed to smirk again at the look of horror on the Dark Lord’s face. “I guess someone did your job for you.” He swayed again and Voldemort caught the Savior, swinging him into his arms bridal-style before disapparating back to his manor.

Harry tried to sit up and cringed as his chest and lower body burst into pain.
“You shouldn’t try moving with your injuries.”
His head jerked toward the voice and saw Voldemort emerge from the shadows of the room and walk towards him. “I have a pretty good idea of how you got injured; there’s only one place you’d be that you wouldn’t, couldn’t defend yourself.”
A growl moved through Harry’s chest. “What would you know about it?”
“I told you before, Harry, we’re very similar, you and I.”
“Go to hell, Voldemort. I don’t need sympathy or advice from you.” He moved down into the covers and gasped in pain as a heavy figure landed on top of him.
“You don’t realize seem to realize your position here. You’re in my manor, in an Unplottable location, and no one knows it but you, me, and a few of my servants. I could kill you and no one would know for weeks to come that their precious savior was dead.”
“Then kill me you bastard and be done with it.”
No, Harry, I’ve decided you’re of much more use to me alive and well. Your magic potential is huge and you could harness so much more of it if you would take a chance and learn outside of the Hogwarts curriculum.”
Harry stared into the man’s crimson eyes. “What, are you offering to teach me the Dark Arts?”
Harry paled. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”
“Very. You’d be a great asset to this war.”
The smirk on the man’s face made Harry wary and he tried to move towards the headboard but Voldemort’s weight kept him firmly in place.
“If I say yes, won’t I have to kill my friends?”
“No, I wouldn’t force you to do that. I won’t lie and say that they’ll live for certain but you wouldn’t have a hand in their killing should they go against me.”
“Then yes, but I want to be able to see my godfather first.”
“Fine. I suppose the mutt can come here, even if he did cost me one of my most loyal and fanatic servants.”
He got off the bed and Harry thought he might leave but he suddenly grabbed Harry out of the bed and carried him through a short hall to another room, a study by the looks of it. “What are you doing? I can walk on my own.”
Voldemort laughed and Harry looked at him, stunned. “No you can’t. You have multiple fractures in both femurs and legs.” Harry had forgotten how bad his uncle had beat before he had left and wondered again why Voldemort was going through all this trouble.
“You’re worth it. You don’t trust Dumbledore anymore, haven’t for awhile, and I can use that.”
Harry glared at him but let himself be set in the chair before firecalling Sirius.
“Sirius. It’s Harry.”
“Harry? Where are you? The Order’s in an uproar. They all left the house this morning.”
“He’s with me, mutt. I found him wandering the streets, covered in injuries and blood.”
The animagus snarled. “Voldemort! If you’ve hurt one hair on my godson’s body, I’ll..”
“No Sirius. It’s fine. He actually helped me. He made me an offer I was hard pressed to pass up. I want you to come here though.” The emerald-eyed student stole a look at the Dark Lord when he said that but the man’s face was blank.
“Fine, I’m coming right now.” Sirius stood on the other side and Harry saw Voldemort say something, figuring it had to do with wards as Sirius stepped through and grabbed him in a hug.
“Ow. Sirius stop.” Harry pushed at his godfather’s arms and the man stepped away.
“Harry, what did they do to you?”
Harry smiled, pain radiating from his ribs. “You mean what they did every summer I had to go back to them?”
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”
“He told your precious Headmaster who didn’t believe him. Who else would if he didn’t, mutt?” Voldemort sneered at the former Azkaban inmate.
“I would have.”

Harry placed his hands on each of the other’s chests. “Stop fighting. I didn’t know when I would have a chance to talk to you. There was no way to let you know. Please Sirius. Voldemort’s actually listened to me which is more than I can say for someone I looked up to like a grandfather.”
Sirius looked at the eyes that reminded him so much of the boy’s mother and sighed. “If you’re sure Harry, then it’s fine with me. But I’m staying here to look after you.”
Voldemort started to say no and snapped his mouth shut at Harry’s incensed glare. “Fine, but don’t go wandering, mutt. There’re still plenty of people here who wouldn’t mind seeing you dead.”
Harry grinned and took both men’s hands before asking to eat. He knew that he would have lots of work to do if the Dark Lord had any say in it and wanted strength back before his new studies started.
Tags: 2007_ficathon_fic

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