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Ficathon FIC and ART: Memory Remains by Siriuslysnogged

Author/Artist: siriuslysnogged
Title: Memory Remains
Pairing: Tom/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con, underage
Summary: Severus Snape comes upon an enlightening scene.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Though JKR would never abuse her characters like I do.
Author's/artist's notes: Thanks to bewarethesmirk for the beta work!

Written and drawn for prompt #19:
Hermione gets caught in bed (and in a compromising position) with Tom. (NC-17) (suggested by princess_schez)

Severus crept down the dark corridor, in the direction of what had aroused his suspicion. Strange sounds, human sounds, where there shouldn’t be any. He listened carefully, cataloging every faint noise that filtered from the room. The creak of wood - a desk or table, perhaps – and the muffled noise of a woman. Girl? Distinctly female, moaning? Pleasure and pain were sometimes hard to distinguish, even to one skilled at listening, but it was obvious what was occurring behind the door. People were fucking, though Severus still felt inexplicably uneasy.

As quietly as a mouse - though Severus hated that saying, for he was no fucking mouse - Severus pushed open the classroom door. There is always a strong sense of apprehension of going into a situation where you aren’t sure of what to expect, and his stomach formed tight knots as he peered into the room.

His sharp eyes carefully surveyed the scene before him. A less observant man would have immediately assumed that the two people in the room were merely students, because at first glance they appeared to fit in the age bracket.

Severus had immediately been filled with a strange urge to run, and he would rather do anything but run after stumbling upon two students having a go. The more satisfying option of scaring the shite out of the little bastards, followed by a nice bout of public humiliation, appealed far more to a man like Severus Snape.

But the boy holding the girl was no student. Even from his position in the distant corner, Severus could tell that the boy wasn’t even wholly alive. His skin shone a pale blue, and his eyes burned a terrifying, familiar crimson. The girl, to Snape’s utter dismay, was that swotty little brat, Hermione Granger, who just couldn’t keep her nose out of danger or other people’s business.

Pain, his mind registered, the girl’s in pain. Her hands gripped the edge of a wooden table that she was precariously balanced on, and her face contorted in shock as the demonic looking male thrust into her. An odd book lay facedown behind her, and strange tendrils of dark magic flowed from it, wrapping around the monster, giving him life.

The girl tried to lean away, giving a sharp cry as her attacker pulled her head towards him. A soulless laugh filled the room, immediately confirming Snape’s worst fears. Oh, bloody hell. It’s the young Dark Lord! The stupid girl had found a Horcrux.

Tags: 2007_ficathon_art, 2007_ficathon_fic

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