Miri (mieronna) wrote in riddle_gifts,

Ficathon ART: The Cat Got His Tongue by Slytherinfiend

Artist: slytherinfiend
Title: The Cat Got His Tongue
Characters: Tom and various Ravenclaws/Slytherins
Rating: G? you decide for me
Warnings: None really. Mean.
Summary: Slytherins and Ravenclaws decide to challenge themselves with an informal duel on the school grounds, but Tom is having a little more fun than he should with his duelling partner.
Disclaimer: Character and setting copyright J.K Rowling. No profit is made. Art is copyrighted to me.
Artist's notes: I hope this is what the person who asked for this prompt had in mind. I'd initially wanted to be a lot meaner, but then Tom would have gotten in trouble with the school.

Drawn for prompt #14:
Tom in a duel that turns nasty. (suggested by ponderosa121)

Tags: 2007_ficathon_art

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