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Exchange FIC for Orpheus_Samhain: Dreams

Recipient: orpheus_samhain
Author: birgitriddle
Title: Dreams
Pairing: Tom/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slash
Summary: Dreams can be interesting places for one such as Harry Potter.
Disclaimer: Everything related to the Harry Potter universe belongs to JK Rowling and others associated with the Harry Potter book series. In other words, not mine.
Author's notes: Based off of the idea that Harry Potter himself might be a Horcrux.

Along the English coastline, sat a young boy upon a grey, weathered rock; his long lanky legs hanging freely as he stared out onto the sea. His grey eyes narrowed as he watched the ocean waves crash upon the rocks below; the cold colour of the sea matching his eyes and the sea breeze blowing through his dark hair.

Behind him, Harry Potter observed him, an invisible presence in a memory not dissimilar from the ones he had seen in Dumbledore's Pensieve. Yet Harry knew he was in a dream instead. The boy before him was Tom Riddle, whose position had not changed since the dream began. Suddenly two children, a boy and a girl and both younger than Tom, ran up to him and tugged on his arm to get his attention.

Tom turned his head to look at the children; the expression on his face one of disgust and revulsion as he pulled his arm away from them.

"What do you want?" asked Tom, continuing to glare at the two.

"We asked Matron if we could go exploring. She said yes as long as we had someone older with us and everyone else is busy. Can you come with us please?" the boy asked, the girl with him nodding vigorously.

"You bothered me for that? For silly exploring? I'm sorry, but no," said Tom, his voice dripping with disgust. The effect of this on the two children was immediate and both of them looked down as if they were being chided by a person far older than Tom.

Tom turned away from the children for a few seconds and then changed his mind. He turned back to them with a friendly smile that was a little too wide for Harry's comfort.

"Actually, I do feel like exploring now that I think about it. I found this little cave up the shoreline and while I haven't explored it yet, I think you'd like it as much as I," said Tom, faking excitement in order to lure the two children into following him.

Harry realized that Tom was going to do something nasty to the children. He yelled at them not to listen to Tom, but they could not hear him because he was just a ghost in this memory. Yet something did hear him and that was the memory of Tom Riddle. With the hands of the children in his hands, he glanced over to where Harry was. He mouthed a few words at Harry and smirked before walking off with the children to the cave.

Then Harry heard Tom's voice in his head. 'I know you're watching me and I know who you are. Tread carefully for I am here.'

Harry woke up with a start, frightened from the dream he had just had. But when he tried to recall what scared him, he could not remember. Instead he was just left with the fading memory of a young Tom Riddle staring out over the sea.

A few weeks later, Harry found himself in a room filled with broken furniture, dust laying thickly all around except for a few recently used areas. On the dirty floor lay Morfin Gaunt, unconscious.

"I see you came to my summons, boy," said a very familiar voice from behind Harry. He turned around to look at the source of the voice and saw Tom Riddle standing there. Despite being at the same age as him, Tom stood several inches taller than Harry, allowing Tom to look down on him. Harry stared at the taller boy, unable to speak in his imposing presence. A smirk appeared on Tom's face as spoke again.

"You're wondering how you're here in my memory, aren't you? It's cute how confused you seem." Tom Riddle laughed cold and high and his malicious smile broadened. He walked over to Harry and leaned his head down to whisper in the shorter boy's ear.

"Let me show you something," he said as he tightly grasped Harry's upper arm and pulled him outside the old, decrepit hovel. The night air was cool and refreshing compared to the dust filled room that Harry was just in.

"What-what are you doing, Riddle?" said Harry, afraid of what Tom might do to him.

"Nothing," said Tom in his soft, alluring voice, "Now look." Tom gestured to the night sky above them with a wide sweep of his hand. Harry obeyed and looked.

What he saw was a moonless sky full of bright stars that shone onto the dark countryside. It was an awe inspiring sight, yet Harry could not understand why Tom would show him this. Too afraid to ask why, he turned to look at Tom.

He was looking up at the sky as well and while Tom's face was hidden mostly by shadows, the few features that Harry could make out struck him as beautiful. Yet it was not the kind of beauty one saw in a person, but a savage sort of beauty that was usually only seen in nature. It spoke of danger and venom to Harry, but at this moment he could not find a reason to avoid these things.

They stood there quiet until Tom suddenly set off toward a house in the distance. Before Harry could react, Tom was already well on his way and Harry ran after him.

"What are you doing and what was that all about?!" shouted Harry as he ran. Tom stopped and turned to smile at Harry.

"Haven't you figured it all out?!" said Tom as his cold laugh rang out, "Haven't you realized the sheer power I've shown you? Or are you too blind to see that I know that in the heavens and the sea lie real power; power that can be tapped into?!" Tom laughed even louder and had a look of utter ecstasy on his face as he looked up to the sky.

"What the hell are you talking about Riddle?" said Harry as he finally caught up with Tom. The taller boy looked back down at Harry and studied him quietly. Then Tom reached out to Harry's cheek and stroked it. Harry flinched as soon as Tom's hand touched him and Tom pulled his hand back quickly.

He muttered, "I could teach you so many things, but you're too good and I don't know if I could corrupt you." With those words, Tom leaned down to kiss Harry. As soon as Tom's lips touched Harry's, Harry felt as if he was slipping away and under the control of Tom.

Then he awoke, only remembering the feel of those lips on his.


At first, Harry could not get rid of the nagging feeling that he had been kissed by something unbelievably dangerous in his dream, but he could not put a name to whatever it was. Eventually he forgot about it until he dreamed of Tom Riddle again.

Harry was still thinking about the things Dumbledore had shown him earlier that night when he went to bed. He turned over the images of Tom Riddle, later Voldemort, in his mind and wondered what Dumbledore wanted him to see.

When he finally drifted to sleep and began dreaming, he found himself in the back of Borgin and Burkes. The shop was dark and was not much different than the one Harry had seen when he was twelve. Not all of the objects were the same, of course, but it was definitely the same place that Harry had been in.

He was not the only person in the shop however. Toward the front of the shop, Harry spotted Tom closing up the shop. In his hand, he held a small lantern as he locked the door with the other. When he heard the soft click of the lock, it dawned on Harry that he was locked in here with a younger Voldemort and he looked desperately for a way out. But it was too late. Tom had spotted Harry and was making his way through the crowded shop to Harry.

"Back again I see," said Tom silkily as he reached Harry. The young, handsome man placed his hand on the table next to him and smiled deviously at Harry.

"What do you want of me?" said Harry as he looked defiantly up at Tom, angered by the taller man's arrogance.

"I want many things of you," said Tom before laughing dangerously and taking Harry's chin in his hand. Faster than Harry could react, Tom kissed Harry deeply and grabbed the younger boy by the shoulders.

Harry tried to turn his face away from Tom, but he was overcome by a sudden desire for this dark and dangerous being. He melted under Tom's kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Tom moved to speak into Harry's ear, "I have seen your deepest desires, Harry and I can answer them here and now." His sultry voice lulled Harry to the point that he didn't care what Tom did anymore. Harry felt his ear tugged gently by Tom's teeth and a reluctant moan came out of the younger boy's mouth.

"Good…" whispered Tom, "Such a good boy." Tom roughly pushed Harry against the back wall of the shop, ignoring the clatter of the items he had knocked down in the process. Almost losing his footing, Harry only managed to stay on his feet because of Tom. He found the position uncomfortable, but he soon forgot about it as Tom unbuckled and loosened Harry's belt and moved his hand down into Harry's trousers.

Harry gasped as Tom lightly touched his cock and stroked it. He squirmed under the body that was pressing him back onto the wall and moaned, closing his eyes in pleasure. No longer could he think clearly as Tom manipulated him.

Begging for Tom to stop this painful pleasure, Harry whimpered and threw his head back. Tom just laughed softly into Harry's ear and whispered, "You want this yes?"

Harry nodded his head. Tom merely grinned in reply and started to undo his own trousers as he continued to manipulate Harry's cock. Still whimpering from the pleasure he was receiving Harry did not notice what Tom was doing until he felt the older boy pull down Harry's trousers and underwear down.

"Are you a virgin down there?" asked Tom with a daredevil grin on his handsome face. Harry blushed as he realized what Tom was talking about. All he could get out in response however was a small squeak and a nod of his head.

And so Tom took what he wanted as he always did. He turned Harry roughly against the wall and deftly pushed two fingers into Harry's arsehole and stretched him out. Harry had never felt this sensation before and could not keep himself from moaning as Tom did it. Squirming uncontrollably, Harry was only kept against the wall by Tom's strong and controlling grip.

All too soon, Harry felt the fingers leave his arse and he whimpered. It was then replaced with Tom's hard cock, thrusting into the younger boy with great urgency. He was rough with Harry, but at the same time he whispered into Harry's ear words of affection, his lips brushing against Harry's neck.

"I've been living here and I've wanted you so much…" whispered Tom.

As Tom continued to fuck Harry, he moaned as he placed his hand once again on Harry's cock and stroked it in time with the thrusting of his own cock. This went on until Harry cried out and came at which point Harry woke up with a start in his own bed.

Harry looked in dismay at the mess had made in his bed. He put his head in his hands and muttered to himself, "Why the hell did I just have a wet dream about Lord Voldemort?"
Tags: 2007_exchange_fic

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