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Ficathon FIC: Inside by Barbie_Manish

Author: barbie_manish
Title: Inside
Pairing: Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Ron(exteremly brief), Harry/Snape, Harry/Lucius
Rating: NC17
Warnings: bondage, rape, d/s, possession, angst, character death
Summary: Harry has defeated Voldemort, but why is his rape now his wet dream? Furthermore, why does he keep sleep-raping his friends?
Disclaimer: not mine. JKR owns it all...
Author's notes: Um... it's short. It's written in short scenes throughout. Also, it's really really really smutty.

Written for prompt #50:
Harry defeats Voldemort, but realizes that Voldemort's mind is possessing him while he dreams [slash] (suggested by vicarious_renji)


The light of the hospital wing was the brightest light Harry had seen in days. His eyes kept trying to force themselves closed as he forced himself awake. He didn’t know what time it had been or even what day it had been when he’d killed Lord Voldemort. He knew it was winter. It was always so cold.

Harry squinted in the sunlight and shifted slightly in his bed. He felt so empty. He shifted against the sheets and sighed to himself. The “toys” had been removed.


”I thought children liked to play with toys!” Voldemort laughed as Harry squirmed and sobbed.

The burning in his arse, his nipples, along his cock, and across his backside overloaded his senses. Even the phallus gag hurt as he struggled to swallow around it.

Voldemort circled Harry and ran a slim finger up his spine. Harry tried to shift away, but the ropes held him still. The finger disappeared and a full hand was caressing his stomach. Harry whimpered around the gag and felt his traitorous cock twitch from the stimulation.

Another hand joined the first. The two hands traveled together up to play with the clamps that held Harry’s nipples painfully tight.


”Harry!” someone shouted from beside him, “Harry, stop!”

He looked down at the tear-soaked freckled face. Red hair fell in thick strands to the floor as Harry’s hand released its grip on his best friend’s scalp.

Hermione’s arms still tugged at Harry until he gave and fell back to the bed heavily, still fully erect from the warm mouth on his cock.

Ron jumped back as far as he could, crouching against the wall as he rubbed his aching jaw. He spit remnants of Harry’s precome onto the floor of their room. This was turning out to be their worst vacation yet.

”Harry, we have to figure this out…” Hermione sighed, sitting down on the bed. “I know you don’t want to see a therapist, but…”

Harry rolled over and sobbed, tucking his aching member between his thighs. They couldn’t take him to a wizard therapist. Whatever he said would be plastered onto the front page of the Prophet the next morning. They would need a muggle therapist. How could he possibly explain to a muggle therapist that he kept having wet dreams about the man he murdered months before?

”We can’t do that…” Harry sobbed, closing his eyes tightly.

”Is there someone who you’d be willing to see?” Hermione asked, her voice shaking.


Snape paced the room. He’d seen everything in Potter’s head. He’d seen childhood horrors and murderous rampages through the boy’s eyes. Why was this sight the one thing that bothered him?

He looked at the shaken young man lying on the cot Snape had made for him. He’d passed out fairly early through the exam. He stirred some, shifting on the padding as though trying to get away from something beneath him.

”Please…” The boy whimpered, spreading his legs.

Once the thighs had spread, Snape could see the outline of a cock that could cut diamonds if it got any harder. He felt his own cock twitch in response as he watched the boy’s hips pressing up and down into the mattress.

He moved forward and pushed the boy’s hips down, holding him sternly so that the fabric of Potter’s trousers no longer rubbed against his leaking cock. The boy moved his legs, desperate for friction. He shook his head from side to side and tried to push against Snape’s hand.

The younger men were such animals.

Snape raised his wand and bound Potter to the four corners of the bed. The hips began moving again as soon as Snape took his hand away. He disrobed Potter with a quick divesto and left his clothes in a pile on the floor.

"Please!" Harry gasped, thrusting his cock into the air desperately. "Please! I need..."

Red faced, the boy cut off, looking away. Severus rubbed his cock through his trousers. If Potter kept begging, he would get off on the sound alone.

Severus disrobed himself and approached the brat, his rock hard cock leading the way.

He blew a straight line down Potter's chest as the boy squirmed, gasping as the jet brushed across a nipple and down into his belly button.

Green eyes flashed open and the blush disappeared from the lightly tanned cheeks. Severus looked down and saw the once eager cock go completely limp.

"What are you doing!?" Harry howled, fighting the restraints.

Severus stepped back and released the binds, looking at the little tease. Had he really not known what he was doing? Had he not realized he was begging for it?

Harry grabbed his clothes and ran from the room as though the floor were on fire.

Severus watched in confusion, feeling his cock ache from being so suddenly turned off.


"Next thing I know, I'm tied up and Snape is looming over me!" Harry cried, feeling somewhat better seeing Ron flinch.

"I'll go talk to him..." Hermione sighed, getting up from her seat.

She walked quickly away from the boys before they were able to fight. She got outside of their flat and promptly apparated to the exterior wards of Prince Manor. Snape had a side of this story and it was likely less confusing than Harry's, seeing as Harry had been asleep.

Hermione walked straight through the wards and into the manor, where she knew her former teacher would be sulking.

"Snape?" She called, walking through to the bar, where the alcohol was kept.

"Go away." Severus growled, dumping a tumbler down his throat.

She'd had a feeling that this would be difficult.

"I wanted to ask what happened with Harry?" She asked, sitting down next to him.

"I wanted you to go away..." Snape grumbled, pouring another glass of whiskey for himself and automatically pouring one for his guest.

"His side of the story was kinda short..." Hermione said, taking the tumbler from him.

"He passed out after showing some unusual Occlumency skills..." Snape said, looking into his glass, "Skills I know he doesn't have..."

Hermione looked down at her glass and waited for Snape to continue. The next parts were most likely going to be filled with the typical rejected-Snape angst. She'd seen him like this too many times to expect any different.

"The brat begged for someone to touch him and I complied." Snape sighed before drinking another tumbler full. "He woke up and realized that it was me... I've never seen someone go limp so fast..."

"I don't think it was you..." Hermione said, looking away, "I don't think he would say no if you asked..."

Snape scoffed into his glass. He never believed her any of the times she'd said it.

"So where do you think the Occlumency skills came from?" Hermione asked. "He went to you so you would use your Legimency on him..."

"I considered that..." Severus sighed, "I've never had a willing participant try to occlude against me..."

Hermione waited for Snape to say something. When she realized that insight was not on its way, she finished her drink and bid her former teacher farewell. They would have to figure this out on their own. Some things never changed.

Hermione apparated back to the holiday home Harry and Ron had picked out for them in Muggle London. She walked inside and saw Ron sitting alone on the couch, drinking a beer.

"Where's Harry?" Hermione asked, looking around for their missing friend.

"Upstairs..." Ron sighed, flipping through channels on the television. "He's trying to take a nap..."

Harry had been having a hard time sleeping lately. Hermione was tempted to let him rest for a few hours, but the matter at hand was more important. She needed to talk to him.

When Hermione opened the door to Harry's room, she didn't hear the soft snoring her friend usually made. She didn't hear much of anything at all.

She looked inside and felt her stomach turn.

Harry was missing.


Harry woke up and opened his eyes into the darkness of the room. His arms and legs were tied like they always were. Why did everyone have to tie him spread?

The gag in his mouth was already making his jaw hurt. He wondered just how long he'd been tied there with his cock spelled to the edge of climax and toys pinching and probing every part of him.

He tried to move away from whatever was making his arse hurt. The movement, of course, made his nipples hurt as they tugged on the wires he didn't know existed. He tried to stay still through his panic, forcing his air to build up in his stomach instead of his chest as he breathed deeply.

He could hear someone walking around him. Boots clanked against a hard floor as the person approached. Harry tried to pretend he was still asleep, closing his eyes quickly in case the person could see him in the darkness.

"You're awake." a voice drawled as something cold pushed up against Harry's throbbing cock.

Harry opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the familiar voice. Lucius Malfoy had gotten him? He slowed his breath down as he waited for the cold head of the elder Malfoy's cane to leave his most sensitive spot.

"I was told to kill you when you came to me..." Malfoy said, a laugh tainting his voice. "We've had this planned for months..."

Harry felt the cold metal move and curl up in an animate form on his thigh. His cock twitched with expectation. Traitorous cock.

"Did you miss your little friend, boy?" Lucius sneered.

The snake flicked its tongue along Harry's cock, its tail slipping down under Harry's balls to find his hole.

Harry shook and whimpered as the cold tail of the serpent slid in next to the equine dildo to flick at his prostate. His cock wept onto his leg as he felt his eyes begin to weep down his cheeks.

Hot breath pressed against his ear as a wet tongue lapped up the tears. Harry cried out through the gag, shaking enough to make his nipples pull at their restraints.

"Don't worry, little one." Malfoy whispered, his breath caressing Harry's ear, "I'll make it quick."

Harry came and felt his restraints, his heavy chest, his ache disappear.

He looked up into the darkness and saw a pale face curtained by soft locks of black hair. Blue eyes looked heatedly down upon him.

"We've had this planned for months." Tom Riddle said softly, pulling the boy from the floor.

Harry opened his mouth to reply, but stopped when Tom swiftly vanished.


"I'm sure he'll never be able to take over..." Tom said softly, running a hand through his messy locks.

Lucius restilled the head of his cane and buttoned his shit.

"Thank you for letting me..." Lucius started, pulling his hair into a ponytail.

The Dark Lord waved his hand and buttoned the shirt he'd had specifically tailored to fit his new form. They didn't have time for so much talking. They had work to do.

Tags: 2007_ficathon_fic

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