Miri (mieronna) wrote in riddle_gifts,

Exchange ART for Cnary_Crem_Dght: Trusting the Dark Man

Recipient: cnary_crem_dght
Artist: mieronna
Title: Trusting the Dark Man
Characters: Harry, Voldemort, two Death Eaters
Rating: R, NWS
Warnings: full frontal nudity, implied torture, non-con
Summary: Two people trust the dark man, but has he not betrayed both of them before?
Disclaimer: Jo invented them, I make them do my bidding. I'll give them back soon, promise.
Artist's notes: I think I had a trifle too much fun, being cryptic and slapping chartreuse green on this. Still, I hope you enjoy it, cnary_crem_dght!

Link to the art.
Tags: 2007_exchange_art

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