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The Voldemort Fest

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Tom Riddle/Voldemort fic and art exchange

Welcome to the Voldemort Fest - the fest for all your Dark Lord needs!

This is the home of the Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort fest, including slash, het and gen. Any pairings and ratings are allowed - only requirement is: they must feature Tom Riddle in any form and of any age.

The fest will include an anonymous exchange and a prompt-based ficathon.


Call for prompts: 01 - 07 June
Sign-ups: 08 - 15 June
Assignments out: 17 June
Submission deadline: 30 August
Posting starts: 06 September

The rules and further details will be posted soon. Stay tuned, spread the word!

And one more thing: absolutely no flaming will be tolerated here. All comments containing rudeness or outright flames will be deleted and the flamer banned. Be nice, have fun!

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